■How to enjoy Akiba kart

It is not a problem to leave Osaka if it is within the time! Akiba kart can be used for many purposes such as filming a video for YouTube, celebrating birthdays or for those who want to buy a kart.
The more people participates, the more enjoyable it gets. If you are trying to have a fun experience in Osaka that is one of a kind, Akiba kart is perfect for you. There are ten karts available at once.
You will feel the attention as soon as you get on a kart and drive around the city. We can arrange our karts for promotions as well. We can decorate karts with your company’s advertisement. If you are interested in the use of the promotions, please feel free to contact us.

■Is Akiba kart really allowed to run the public road?

Since Akiba kart is recognized as a minicar, you can drive it on public roads on
as long as you have a driving license.

Akiba kart even has a number plate.
Akiba kart can reach 60km/h as fastest. As long as there is a road sign to regulate your speed, legal speed will be 60km/h as well.
There is an accelerator on the right pedal and the brake on the left side. You can choose the colour of your kart from red.
Akiba kart uses an automatic transmission. Gears are on the left side; F as forward, N as neutral and R as back.
Of course, Akiba kart has features such as a turn signal and a hazard light. Since Akiba kart does not have power steering, the handle can be a bit heavy.
The seat is adjustable. People whose hights are between 150cm to 185cm can easily fit in the kart.


Full lengths, full width, full height/wheelbase 2,080mm×1,120mm×700mm/1,340mm
Weight of the kart/minimum ride height/height of the seat 95kgs/120mm/240mm
Prime mover/Displacement Air-cooled 2 cycle single cylinder (separate lubrication type)/49.3cc
Stroke ratio/fuel tank capacity 40Φ×39.2mm/4.4L(Use unleaded petrol)
Maximus power/Maximus torque 3.1kW(4.15ps)/6,800rpm/4.4Nm(0.45kgf)/6,000rpm
Compression ratio/carburettor 7.8:1/Piston valve type Mikuni VM 16(MJ#55)
Starting method/ignition system/mileage Cell motor / CDI ignition/20km/L(50km/h)
Battery capacity/type 12V-4Ah(10h)/YTX5L-BS
Clutch system/ Gear transmission system Automatic centrifugal type / CVT (reverse gear, with differential)
tire size (front/back) 15*6.0-6/16*6.5-8(Front and rear tubeless)
Brake type/suspension system Drum type (front and rear) / Rigid (front and rear)
Capacity of car occupant /maximum speed 1person/55km/h(Because the limiter is installed as standard)