Go-Kart Spec


Akiba Kart is a ‘mini car’ that can be driven on public roads by anybody with a drivers license.

Designed to be driven on regular roads, it is a small and lightweight vehicle that is easy to maneuver on narrow streets and in heavy traffic. It comes equipped with an automatic shift, seat belts, and sliding seats, ensuring that anyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable drive.

The body colors available are “Red” and “Black”. Despite being a mini car, each vehicle is properly equipped with a license plate.
The maximum speed is 60 km/h, and unless otherwise indicated by road signs, the legal speed limit is also 60 km/h.
Just like a regular car, the pedals are configured with the accelerator on the right foot and the brake on the left foot.
The gear shift is on the left side, featuring an automatic transmission (AT) with F (forward), N (neutral), and R (reverse) gears.
It is fully equipped with turn signals and hazard lights, among other necessary parts! The steering wheel is slightly heavy.
The seat is adjustable and can comfortably accommodate drivers between 150 cm and 185 cm tall.

Safety manual


Length x Width x Height 2,080mm x 1,120mm x 700mm / 1,340mm
Weight / Min Ground Clearance / Seat Height from ground 95kgs / 120mm / 240mm
Engine / Displacement Air-cooled single cylinder (separately lubricated) / 49.3cc
Bore x Stroke / Fuel Tank Capacity 40(dia.) x 39.2mm / 4.4L(using unleaded gasoline)
Peak Output / Max Torque 3.1kW(4.15ps) / 6,800rpm / 4.4Nm(0.45kgf) / 6,000rpm
Compression Ratio / Carburetor 7.8:1 / piston bulb type Mikuni-VM16(MJ#55)
Engine Starting Method / Ignition / Fuel Efficiency Starter motor / CDI ignition / 20km/L(50km/h)
Battery Capacity / Type 12V-4Ah(10h) / YTX5L-BS
Cluth Type / Transmission Type Automatic Centrifugal / CVT(with reverse gear and differential gear)
Tire Size(Front/rear) 15*6.0-6 / 16*6.5-8(tubeless)
Brake Type / Suspension System Drum Type (front/rear) / Rigid (front/rear)
Quota Capacity / Max Speed 1person / Legal speed limit 60km/h