Akiba Kart Osaka is a kart rental store that allows you to drive on public roads without the need for a helmet.
You are sure to become a popular person when you drive an Akiba Kart on the streets of Osaka, a city that loves to do interesting things!

Only Akibakart Osaka can do this!

You can visit all the popular sites in Osaka!

A tour where visitors drive to popular sites in Osaka. The best part is being able to see the beautiful scenery from the streets during a breezy drive! Even if you are familiar with the streets of Osaka, there are many interesting details you can discover while driving on public roads. You can take pictures while the mini car is parked— make sure to take many pictures of all of your favorite sceneries! Because this tour includes locations that local Osakans would love for people to visit, you will be able to enjoy many aspects of Osaka in a short amount of time.

Transform into a hero or heroine with a costume of your choice!

Osaka is known for its positive energy!! To pump up your inner-kid spirits, we have many cool costumes that you can wear during the tour! There is no doubt that you will be the center of attention if you drive through the busy streets of Osaka in a minicar wearing a costume! If people see that you are having a lot of fun, they might wave or even cheer you on! This is an amazing opportunity to taste a little bit of fame! We also recommend our services to get-togethers or reunions to form a stronger bond within your group!!

Steer through the busy streets of Osaka in a mini car!

Although our mini car, also known as "Akiba Kart" is small in size, it can drive as fast as the legal speed limit! It is very easy to operate, and anybody with a (Japanese or International) drivers license can go for a ride. Because helmets and seatbelts are not required to drive on public roads, driving an Akiba Kart will be an exhillerating experience! Nothing can compete with the thrilling feeling of driving a mini car alongside bigger cars. More and more visitors have been telling us that they never wanted the tour to end!

Many of our customers are extremely satisfied by our service!

Many customers have toured Osaka with Akiba Kart. We would love to share some of their comments!

Great Experience

Great Experience

The excitement you get from this experience is greater than the one you feel at amusement parks! Initially, I thought of Akiba Karts as a faster version of go-karts at theme parks, but I enjoyed myself more than I had expected. I loved the feeling of steering through public roads on a go-kart.

The #1 attraction in Osaka!!!

The #1 attraction in Osaka!!!

The number one attraction in Osaka!!! The amount of fun I had is unreal! It is no doubt the number one activity in Osaka. I would recommend this place with pride.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

A once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

I was able to enjoy driving through the streets of Osaka from a different point of view! I recommend this activity for both visitors and those who have been living in Osaka for a while!!

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